Social Media Distancing: Disconnect from a Connected World

Social media can wreak havoc on our mental health. Here’s why you need to log off and practice social media distancing.

Becca Tapert, unsplash

The Dark Side

Social media is a force. A force that can be used for unlimited good, or unlimited bad. Unfortunately, the dark side has taken control of the force.

Fear Sells

Just a few short years ago, our feeds were far less cluttered with smut. If we wanted to explore the news, we had to go elsewhere on the web, or purchase an actual newspaper.


The absolute best thing we can do for our sanity and well-being, especially right now, is to disconnect from social media. Sadly, it’s becoming difficult to disconnect from a world that is increasingly connected.

Kon Karampelas, unsplash

This is a Gift

If I’ve learned anything during this quarantine, it’s that life is short. Although it feels like this madness will never end, it will. And when it does, don’t look back on this time only to realize you took it for granted.

Husband. Father. Runner. Writer for hire. Am I a hero? I can’t really say. But yes.

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